Tim Hurley

Tim Hurley

About Tim Hurley...
An expressionist in the truest sense of the word, Tim Hurley creates incredibly personal works, rich in color and emotion, which recall the most memorable time periods of his life - both good and bad - and presents them in a new dazzling, dream-like reality.

Avant-garde and angular, suggestive and cryptic, and incredibly detailed, Hurley’s eye-catching pieces demand attention.

Tim says...
My paintings have always involved personal forms of documentation, exploring Time/Space/Chance. Through the years my work has gone through a variety of modalities, but the themes have remained constant. The use of geometric design and reoccurring ideas appear as metaphors, such as stairs, steps, and staggered inclines.

I would classify myself as an expressionist with drawing and painting being my primary means of expression, although I have explored many other mediums, including a variety of printmaking techniques. I am very fond of using papier maché for making small as well as larger sculptured pieces.

When I was six years old I contracted polio, while in the hospital I was given a gift of colored pencils, which inspired me to start to draw. I have tried to keep that child-like enthusiasm and joy of making art throughout my career. While teaching art for over twenty-two years, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to share that enthusiasm with my students.